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  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate
  • For Sale Luxury Private Estate

Luxury Private Estate | Ref: PLP23

  • Plot area:79680 m2
  • Bedrooms:10
  • Building area:3.16 m2
  • Bathrooms:12
  • Ownership: Private
  • Built year: 2012
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Property Description

The heart of Southern Portugal is home to one-of-a-kind real estate marvel. Conceived as one of the most outstanding private residential properties in the Algarve, this estate features the luxurious main residence - designed with a conglomeration of traditional and contemporary styles -, guest accommodation, staff quarters, and a workshop developed from traditional buildings. The amenities offered by this estate put most hotels to shame and the vast amount land belonging to the property provides enough space for beautiful gardens and cultivation. Despite its sheer size, the estate has plenty of infrastructures to keep maintenance costs to a minimum and security was one of the top priorities when conceiving the design of this unique piece of prime real estate.

Main Residence
The estate is a one-of-a-kind concept, presenting both traditional and modern architecture in a perfect combination. The Algarvean rustic style is combined with fashionable contemporary influences throughout the exterior as well as the interior, resulting in a harmonious union of styles. The spacious rooms are permanently bathed in natural light spilling through the large glass facades. Modest light colours are found throughout the house and are shown at their best in the natural sunlight, blending with the house's clean modern lines. The travertine stone slabs, which cover most of the floors in a honey colour, were purposely chosen to fit with the natural and modest appearance. The rich walnut wood of the doors contrasts with the light colours of the walls, as do the bright colours of the modern furniture, resulting in a peaceful blend of opposites. To keep with the theme of harmony, special attention was paid in ensuring that all of the major rooms were formed in accordance with the ‘Golden Cut’, a measure of balance used frequently in mathematics and arts.

With a construction area of 1868m2 the main residence comprises:
- 3 ensuite bedrooms (easily converted into 5)
- Reception lounge
- Living room
- Dining room
- Kitchen
- TV lounge
- Games room
- Three car garage
- Walk-in-fridge
- Food storage room
- Drive-in-storage hall
- 7 Bathrooms
- Unified indoor-outdoor pool
- Spa with regular and infrared sauna
- Massage room
- Home cinema
- Elevator

An entire floor is dedicated solely as a spa and leisure area. This floor has everything you need for total relaxation including a sauna, Jacuzzi, infrared cabin, massage room, rainforest shower, colour shower, relaxation chairs and heated spa beds. Its controlled microclimate remains warm the year round making it pleasant every month of the year. Secondary amenities such as fitness room, for a physical workout, and second lounge for unwinding are both found on this floor.

Swimming Pool
The exquisite heated pool combines the freedom of an outdoor pool with the comfort of an indoor one. It’s constant year round temperature allows independence of the weather, even with fully automized controls. The high-tech elements are designed to achieve efficiency with minimized maintenance and heating costs. The skin friendly water has the quality of drinking water as a result of the ozonization process. Breathtaking custom-made mosaic artwork decorates the bottom of the pool and the 37 underwater speakers offer a sound experience like no other. Also found is a counter current system, as well as massage jets and a geyser.

Home Cinema
A must have in any luxury home is a your very own cinema to watch all your favourite movies, series and TV channels with family and friends.
The home cinema was designed for that function only and is equipped to maximize the cinema experience in both picture and sound with Surround Dolby sound system, high sensitivity screen and projection system. Just sit back, relax and enjoy this state-of-the-art entertainment system.

Tennis Court
Tennis is one of the most popular sports around. The estate comes complete with a synthetic grass tennis court, perfectly aligned to the north allowing for the best sun exposure. And the famous Algarvian weather means you can enjoy this bonus amenity for most of the year.

Outdoor Entertainment
Relax outside by the pool with its impressive extras and soak up the sunrays. Invite guests over to enjoy an afternoon in the lap of luxury and entertain them in your outdoor party area complete with a bar, a pizza oven, a smoker barbecue and a classical barbecue.

Smart System
The impressive exterior gives way to an extremely high-tech system inside designed to allow maximum comfort. This “smart house” system ensures the inhabitants remain in control of all functions of this spacious house, through the use of touch panels found on walls in several living areas or even through configured iPads, providing control from remote locations. This simple-to-use automation system allows control of:
- Music
- Direct and indirect lighting
- Air conditioning and underfloor heating
- Opening and closing blinds, doors and windows

The house is equipped with a security system that covers the interior as well as exterior perimeter of the house. The entire property is fenced-off and 100% covered by camera surveillance with high resolution, zoom and infrared for night vision. This system aims to detect the presence of unauthorized persons within the property, particularly in the area surrounding the house. The security system is designed to be entirely keyless, alarms and locks are controlled by personalized codes with keypad inputs at all doors, gates and so forth. Also there is an Access Control System which allows restriction of access to some areas of the house. The security system inside the house is highly sophisticated incorporating infrared barriers, motion detectors, surveillance cameras, smoke, water and temperature detectors. Also, by motion detecting, the system identifies the presence of people and follows their every move, sending the images captured to the Home Automation System which distributes to the TV's and Touch Panels. The main house maintains control of the security functions of all secondary buildings, ensuring an easy overview. This integrated system is then linked to a private security company.
For added protection, the property also includes a safe room, which is discretely hidden from sight.

Additional Buildings
Designed for a small family, the main house has only three bedrooms (easily converted to five). Notwithstanding there are additional buildings, with a combined construction area of 1,289m2, that provide ample room on the estate for guests, staff and storage.

Guest House 1
The only original building that existed on the land was converted into a guest house and is connected to the main residence by an exterior corridor. It is currently used as a library and office on the top floor, but comprises:
- 1 bedroom
- 1 bathroom
- Fully equipped kitchen
- Living room

Guest House 2
For additional accommodation a second guest house was purpose built and remains close at hand with:
- 4 bedrooms
- 2 bathrooms
- Fully equipped kitchen
- Living room
- Discrete outdoor shower area

Staff Accommodation
Nearer to the entrance there are two joint housing units ideal for security and/or maintenance personnel, which include:
- 2 bedrooms
- 2 bathrooms
- 2 kitchens
- 2 living rooms

At the southern end of the property, a building with a 5-metre high ceiling is used as a sculpture studio. It has a 2-bedroom apartment to provide accommodation for workers.

There is ample space in various storage units on the property. One of the unique features is an underground cellar, with its consequent natural climate regulation, which is connected to the main residence by a specially designed covered corridor.

As well as the various fruit trees and herb gardens, the estate possesses two hectares of red grape varieties that were planted in 2006 and can be used to grow your own estate-produced wine.

The estate has a particular microclimate due to its altitude and the shelter provided by the Monchique Mountains. This allows for a diversified range of plant life, supporting both local varieties as well as those of foreign origin. Meticulous planning went into the design and careful plant selection, much like in the design of the house itself. The key features in the garden are its visual presence and longevity. Ancient olive trees, by the hundreds, and carefully choreographed exotic palm trees are found side-by-side, forming artistic inspiring shapes. Two-dimensional sculptures, such as the butterfly on the south side of the house and the kissing couple to the north, are bordered with blossoming flowers. Here you will also find carob tree groves, an orange orchard and a cypress-walkway, alongside elements of a desert-like landscape, all of which are well integrated within the surroundings. There are various cobblestone pathways, one leads to a Koi fish lake complete with a pavilion.

Offering an amazing sight, the garden landscape was designed to be self-sufficient and low-maintenance. An important criteria for the selection of plants was their strength and endurance, even in water scarce situations, and large lawn areas were avoided whenever possible. Fertilization is automated; a 600m3 cistern collects rainwater and redistributes it throughout, ensuring that only limited additional water is needed to sustain the garden's beauty; the trimmings from the garden are composted; and pine bark and pebbles are used throughout the garden to retain moisture in the soil.

Technical Systems
Space heating is provided by two Sanyo air/water heat pumps installed in the chiller compound. These pump hot water in a primary circuit to two buffer vessels located in the level -2 technical room. From there, hot water is pumped via secondary circuits to underfloor heating systems throughout the house. Control of the individual rooms is managed by the Prosystems Home Control installation. Each room is fitted with a temperature controller/sensor connected to the Home Control System, which automatically adjusts the heating control valve depending on the desired temperature.

Air Conditioning
Air conditioning is provided by the same heat pumps operating in reverse cycle mode during summer as chillers. This is achieved by a summer/winter switch installed on the Home Control System. Chilled water is pumped from the buffer vessels to ceiling mounted air conditioning units via separate secondary circuits. Once again, control of the individual rooms is managed by the Prosystems Home Control installation as described above. As well as temperature control, it is also possible to control the fan speed of the air conditioning units via the Home Control System. As opposed to conventional air conditioning the advantage found in this property is that there are no drafts resulting from the cooling system.

The property has two boreholes, from which the water quality is very high. To optimize the quality the water is treated by: water softener, ultraviolet and reverse osmosis systems. The primary source of heating for hot water comes from a solar system and the water is stored in two 500-litre hot water storage tanks. There are two backups to this system: a diesel boiler located in the chiller compound and an electric immersion heater in the hot water tank. A hot water circulating pump ensures that hot water is maintained in all areas of the house.

All toilets, bathrooms and kitchens have their own extraction fans hidden in the ceiling voids. Also the following areas have dedicated ventilation systems:
- Spa area
- Fitness room
- Laundry
- Level -1 storage area
- Electrical technical room

Electrical Network
The property is fed into electricity by a 15,000V tension line. The main residence is equipped with a custom transformer with 160 KVA of power. This low voltage transformer feeds the main electrical distribution board, which in turn distributes to several partial electrical boards in each of the additional buildings. A 140 KVA generator is associated to the main electrical distribution board, ensuring autonomy on all the property during power failure. The main residence is also equipped with a 10 KVA UPS that guarantees power failure protection for the Home Automation Security Systems along with some lighting and socket circuits.

- Total land: 7.968 hectares
- Total construction area: 3,157 m2

Property features

  • Energetic certification: A

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